Dave Jacke

Dave Jacke/Dynamics Ecological Design

Dave and his associate Eric Toensmeier are both certified Permaculture Designers.  Their specialty is forest gardens.  A forest garden, as descibed by Robert Hart in his book Forest Gardening, is a simulation of the self-maintaining ecosystem of the natural forest.  It's a multi-level garden consisting entirely of fruit and nut trees/bushes above, with shade-tolerant vegetables and herbs below. 

It is designed to become "self-perpetuating, self-fertilising, self-watering, self-mulching, self-weed-suppressing, self-pollinating, self-healing, and highly resistant to pests and diseases."

For the time being, Dave and Eric are quite busy writing their own book on forest gardening for Chelsea Green Publishing.  But as soon as this project is completed, they will be resuming their work of consulting with private landowners on the design, planting and maintenance of forest gardens.

For more information on forest gardening, here are some links to web pages by other practitioners of this rare science/art:

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If you want to be on Dave Jacke's list for future work, you can reach him by telephone at  (413) 475-3499.