Ireland Street Orchards

Ireland Street Orchards

Ireland Street Orchards' owners Fred and Millie Chick have been in the apple business for over 20 years.  Their MacIntosh apples are well-known throughout New England for superior flavor, color and size.  They also sell Romes and Delicious, plus some Cortlands, Baldwins, Northern Spies and Spencers.

Their orchards in West Chesterfield are a popular weekend destination for families from September to mid-November.  Children and adults alike enjoy the horse-drawn wagon rides through the orchards to areas designated for pick-your-own apples.


The orchard store is a popular destination throughout the year.  In addition to apples, standard items include home-made jams, local honey and maple syrup.  There are also gaily decorated old and new wooden items, plus tinware.  Spring and summer bring a show from the many perennial beds including irises, peonies, and a burst of blooms from the daylily gardens from July through August

Ireland Street Orchards are located in West Chesterfield, about three miles south (a left coming from Chesterfield) of the intersection of River Road and Route 143.  This intersection is immediately west of the Route 143 bridge over the East Branch of the Westfield River.  There are signs pointing south to the orchard at the intersection. 

Fred and Millie can be reached at (413) 296-4024.  If there isn't anyone at the orchard store when you stop by, you'll probably be able to find Millie next door at the farmhouse or in one of the gardens.  If no one is home, you can take the items you want, and leave the money in the box on the counter.