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The name Davies & Company may imply a big business, but this is far from the reality.  In fact, the business is not even incorporated.  The word "Company" is used more in the sense of guests than business.  The people with pages in this section are people I know and work with.  Some are business associates, some are clients. 

The common denominator is that we all share an interest in the productivity and well-being of trees and forests.  This section will continue to grow as I find the time to develop separate pages for more associates and friends, or as they get around to it themselves. 

Molly Hale is a wildlife biologist from Northampton who does wildlife inventories and wildlife habitat appraisals.  She is knowledgeable about timber inventory and silviculture, and helps me with cruises and timber marking.

Dave Jacke is a permaculturist from Leverett.  Together with Eric Toensmeyer, another permaculturist, he is working on a book on forest gardens.  It will describe the many edible plants that can be grown in this region and how to tend for them in permaculture settings.

Ireland Street Orchards in West Chesterfield are owned by Fred and Millie Chick, two friends and clients.  They offer pick-your-own apples, stored apples, homemade crafts, flowers and plants.   

Bay Road Firewood in Hadley is owned and managed by Ken Koehler.  Ken is one of the best loggers in the business.  Part of the reason he does such a great job is that he has great utilization thanks to his firewood business.

Bear Path Farm in West Whately is owned by Bill Obear, a friend and client.  Bill's doing a great job of using wood residues to create a value-added product in the form of compost.  Bill and his son Ben also grow fruit and nuts in a small IPM orchard on the farm.

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