Nu-Gene 2000

NU-GENE 2000

Tired of having your life ruled by your antiquated genetic heritage?
Tired of being a slave to greed, arrogance, aggression and stupidity?

Want to update YOUR genetic code to the 21st century?

Tired of all those polluting, exploiting corporados wrecking society and the planet?
Tired of all those corrupt and servile government politicos and burrocrats
aiding and abetting those corporados?

Want to update THEIR genetic codes to the 21st century?

Well, now you can, thanks to the insights of modern genetic science.  We have identified the genes responsible for these retrograde aspects of human behavior, and have discovered how to switch them off.  We have also identified the genes responsible for enlightened human behavior, and have discovered how to switch them on.

Now you can switch your behavior and the behavior of others from greedy, arrogant, aggressive and stupid to generous, humble, cooperative and intelligent.  Buy NU-GENE 2000 for yourself and your family, for your co-workers and neighbors. 

Buy NU-GENE 2000 for the corporate and political leaders who you feel are most in need of this valuable product.  Quantities will be available in bulk for contributing to corporate and government water supplies.

NU-GENE 2000 is produced with 100% organic materials, and is safe for the whole family.  NU-GENE 2000 has no undesirable side effects,* and will enhance overall sustainable functioning.  Mothers, you don't have to let your children grow up to be corporados, politicos or burros.

Until supplies become available, you can use the attached gift certificates to give NU-GENE 2000 to those who you feel are most in need.

Testimonial from I M Grateful:  "I was a swashbuckling corporate takeover sleaze until I discovered NU-GENE 2000.  I really hated myself and all the destruction I had wrought due to my outdated genetic code which forced me to perform acts of incredible greed and stupidity.  Now, thanks to NU-GENE 2000, all my friends call me Mahatma."

NU-GENE 2000:  Available soon in tablet, liquid and lotion form at quality retailers everywhere!

NU-GENE 2000 Cooperative
Northampton, MA, USA

* While there are no documented cases of undesirable side effects, there are some known cases of extreme gonad shrinkage (approxiimately to the size of dried, genetically engineered peas) in individuals whose behavior was unaffected by NU-GENE 2000.  Whether or not this is in fact an undesirable side effect is open to debate.