Forestry Web Sites

This page is an annotated and reorganized version of Der Forestmeister's Natural Resources Links page, and is only about a third done.  Come back later for more links, or go to the original links link above


A Forest Maintenance Organization:  Dr Alan Page.  A study of sustainable forestry for private landowners.

Resources Consulting Serving the Allegheny Highlands:

Board of Licensure for Foresters in New Hampshire

Consulting Foresters Association of Vermont

Cooperative Forestry at the USDA Forest ServiceFederal programs providing technical and financial support for forest landowners.

Forestry in Kentucky .  Informative and fun topics related to forestry in Kentucky


A Proposal for Federal Forest Trusts From Randal O'Toole of the Thoreau Institute.

Eco-CertificationExamines and critiques eco-certification as a tool to promote the sustainable management of forests:

Forest Service Employees for Environmental EthicsWorks to change the U.S. Forest Service's basic management philosophy to ensure ecologically and economically sustainable resource management: 


Alabama Forestry Link:

Board of Licensure for Foresters in New Hampshire:

California Professional Foresters' Law. Full text of state regulations re foresters:

Cornell Extension Forestry.  Encourages forest stewardship practices for nonindustrial private landowners:

Forest Inventory and Analysis Database Retrieval System.  Database describing common forest resource attributes for all areas of the United States:

Forestry and Wood Products.  Information on selected topics from the West Virginia University Extension Service:


American Tree Farm System:

Association of Consulting Foresters of America, Inc:

Association for Temperate Agroforestry:

Center for International Trade in Forest Products (CINTRAFOR):

Forest Alliance of B.C.  Mission is to achieve both environmental protection and economic stability in the use of British Columbia's forest resources:


The Portable Sawmills Industry Site:

Education Guide to Forestry.  A wide variety of information related to forestry:

American Chestnut: A Tennessean's Version of an American Chestnut Page:

Ancient Bristlecone Pine:

Arboriculture Online:

Ed Sanders Lumber, Logging and Paper.  History and modern use of logging and sawmills:

Purdue University Department of Forestry and Natural Resources Homepage:


Bailey's.  The World's Largest mail Order Woodsman Supplies Company:

Ben Meadows Company Forestry Suppliers:

Black Walnut, Inc. Sells black walnut and other hardwood seedlings:

Fieldworker GPS Homepage.  Data collection software for mobile computers:

Forest Technology Systems of North America.  Supplier of fire, watershed, and weather monitoring equipment: