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Wildlife Biology Information PageA web page for wildlife professionals, biologists, students, and others seeking wildlife or resource management information, tools, software, job and career info, and humor.

MassGIS - Estimated Habitats of Rare Wildlife Datalayer Description of datalayer showing estimated habitats of rare wildlife in Massachusetts.

New England Wildlife LinksLinks to natural history museums and wildlife sanctuaries in New England:

NEWILD, Forest Habitat Management SoftwareDescription and availability of software intended to help assess the potential impacts of forest management on wildlife species.

Paul Rezendes Tracking ProgramsDescription of educational programs and books offered by one of themost accomplished wildlife trackers in New England.

The Vernal Pool Association.  An environmental project of Reading Memorial High School, Reading, Massachusetts.  Identify, protect and learn about vernal pools, a critical wetland habitat.

An Interactive Guide to Massachusetts SnakesAn illustrated guide to identify and learn about snakes in Massachusetts.

Global Warming and New England WildlifeThis National Wildlife Federation site describes potential impacts of global warming on New England wildlife, and what can be done about it.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Region 5 HomepageDescribes services and programs in the New England/Mid-Atlantic region.

Massachusetts Audubon Society. The largest conservation organization in New England protects land/wildlife habitat, and conducts nature education programs.