Architects Registration


Chapter 13: Section 44A. Board of registration of architects; membership; appointment; term.

Section 44A. There shall be in the department of civil service and registration a board of registration of architects, in this and the following three sections called the board, to be appointed by the governor, consisting of five members, citizens of the commonwealth, four of whom shall each have been engaged in the practice of architecture for a period of ten years or more prior to his appointment, and shall be registered architects. The fifth member shall be a representative of the public, subject to the provisions of section nine B. As the term of office of a member of the board expires, his successor, qualified as aforesaid, shall be appointed by the governor, to serve for five years. Each member shall continue to serve until the qualification of his successor. The governor may also fill any vacancy in the board for the unexpired portion of the term.

Chapter 13: Section 44B. Meetings; officers; quorum.

Section 44B. The board shall hold at least two regular meetings each year, and may hold special meetings as required. Time, place and notice of all meetings shall be as required by rules or by-laws determined by the board. At the first regular meeting each year, the board shall organize and choose from their own members, a chairman, a vice chairman and a secretary. A quorum shall consist of three members.

Chapter 13: Section 44C. Rules and by-laws; seal; powers; annual report.

Section 44C. The board may make such rules or by-laws, not inconsistent with law, as it may deem necessary in the performance of its duties. The board shall have a seal, and its members may administer oaths in the performance of its duties. The board shall have power to summon witnesses and to take testimony and require proofs concerning all matters within its jurisdiction. The board shall annually render to the governor a report of its proceedings, which shall include an itemized statement of all receipts and expenses of the board for the year.

Chapter 13: Section 44D. Compensation and expenses; limitations; appointment of clerks.

Section 44D. Each member of the board shall receive eighteen dollars and seventy-five cents for each day or portion thereof spent in the performance of his official duties; provided, that the total sum paid to any member thereof shall not exceed seven hundred and fifty dollars in any one year; and, in addition, all proper traveling and incidental expenses actually incurred by him in connection with said duties. The board may appoint such clerks as may be necessary; provided, that the salaries and expenses of the members of the board and its employees, and the expenses of the board, shall not be in excess of the receipts for registration and from other sources that have been received by the state treasurer from the board.