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Memos to Clients

This section includes a number of things written in response to questions that have come up from landowner-clients often enough to warrant writing a memo in response.  Everyone wants to know what management is going to cost and what they're going to get from it.  Everyone wants to know how much their timber is worth.  So there are several memos on these subjects.

If you've been reading through this web site, the benefits of forest management should be apparent by now.  But you still may have some questions about just how much forestry services are worth.  The cost and return spreadsheet will allow you to estimate the value of forestry services for your own property.

Timber marketing is a skill that comes with experience.  There are lots of little tricks to it that can increase the value of a timber sale.  Valuation of timber sales is quite complicated.  Potential buyers have to take many factors into consideration in calculating their bids.  

Many landowners don't think of their forests as investments.  But they can be thought of in this way.  Tools of financial analysis may be applied to forests just like any other form of investment.  It's important to understand the basic concepts and how they get applied to trees and forests.

Conservation restrictions aren't for everyone, but they do make good sense for some landowners and some properties.  In many situations, conservation restrictions combined with limited development can be more profitable than maximum development.