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Attention urban, suburban and rural gardeners!

Native Harvest Designs presents a

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of the forthcoming book

Edible Forest Gardens:

A Delicious and Practical Ecology

By Dave Jacke with Eric Toensmeier

Chelsea Green Publishing Co., 2000

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The conscious design of largely self maintaining, self renewing, self fertilizing gardens that mimic forest ecosystems is a practical possibility NOW. They can yield abundant harvests of Food, Fuel, Fiber, Fodder, Fertilizer, 'Farmaceuticals' and, of course, FUN. This accessible and engaging guide to edible forest gardening will be the first ever published expressly for North American gardeners, plants, and climates. Our goal is that you, the readers, are inspired and empowered to go out there and start your own forest gardens. Edible Forest Gardens will be comprehensive, rigorous, and grounded in ecological and practical realities while being fun and accessible.

We are very excited to be moving forward on this project, and feel sure that edible forest gardening is an idea whose time has come. Ordering your copy of this important book now not only saves you money, it helps support us as authors while we finish the work. With your help, we hope to have the book out in time for the Spring, 2000 tree planting season!

Contents include:

Context, vision and goals of edible forest gardening.

Forest ecology as the basis of garden design.

Specific strategies for edible forest garden design, planting and maintenance.

Case studies with critiques.

Easily accessible information on over 600 plants, their ecology, uses & where to get them.

Approximately 250 pages long, including 90 pages of plant species data. Softcover.

Up to 8 pages of color photos, many illustrations, tables, and other photos.

Comprehensive coverage of ecology, design, planting, and maintenance.

Expected retail price: $30 PREPUBLICATION SALE PRICE: $20 P0STPAID


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EFG Book Project, Native Harvest Designs, P.O. Box 148, Leverett, MA  01054

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Dave Jacke and Eric Toensmeier