Price List

Price List for Services - June 2000
(Key to Abbreviations:  ac = acre, Mbf = thousand board feet, cd = cord)

Boundary Marking
Clearly visible boundaries are very important for inventory, appraisal, and management planning.  They are essential for timber and cordwood sales.

Boundary painting


Boundary blazing and painting


Inventory, Appraisal, and Management Planning
Boundaries must be reasonably discernible.

Computer data processing, stewardship plan format

$800 + $6/ac

Computer growth and treatment simulations, plus analysis

$200+ $2/ac

Timber/Cordwood Marking, Tallying, and Sales Administration
Boundaries must be clearly and accurately indicated.

Marking and tallying, planning access for the cutting operation

$9-12/Mbf, $6-8/cd

Cutting plan, notices to abutters, bid solicitation, contract


Supervision of the cutting operation

$6-8/Mbf, $3-4/cd

Timber Stand Improvement

Thinning by girdling

$200 + $40-60/ac

Pruning softwoods

$200 + $80-120/ac

Special Operations

To include field consultations, timber tax management advice, timber trespass case work, access road layout and contractor supervision, research projects, site preparation, tree planting, direct seeding, etc.


Note:  All prices include cost of supplies and transportation for services performed within a 25 mile radius of Northampton, MA.  Any services performed outside of that radius will be billed at the hourly rate plus the cost of transportation.  The hourly rate in all cases is billed for all time allocated to a particular project, including travel.  The hourly rate may be charged instead of the above rates for any service by agreement of the forester and client.