Selection Harvest

That's a Valmet harvester in the background cutting red pine poles and sawtimber.  The cut-to-length pile of wood in the foreground will be picked up by a Valmet forwarder.  This shows LeClerc & Son Logging of Belchertown doing their usual fine work.

Here's another shot of the same stand in an area that has been finished--except for picking up a few logs.  The stand is about 65 years old and was only thinned once before in about 1965.

This is a very similar stand to the one shown above, but about two years after the cutting operation.  Notice all the regeneration coming into the stand.  The more open area in the foreground has a lot of raspberry which the local bears appreciate later in the summer.  This stand was cut by King-Chaffee Logging of South Hadley.