Tree Cut
 Old Growth
This Week in the Woods

A commercial thinning and improvement harvest in Williamsburg.  This picture shows some cut trees on the ground.  They were marked and cut to release their neighbors from competition.

A selection harvest in a red pine plantation in Whately.  This cutting operation is being done with a mechanical harvester and forwarder.

A seed tree harvest in Northampton.  This is a heavy cut of large, mature pines.  The size and quality of the trees was a direct result of a commercial thinning about 35 years ago.  

An almost old growth stand in Conway.  There are stone walls running through this stand.  So it was probably once a pasture.  But there's no barbed wire around it.  It could be as old as barbed wire.  That would make it about 150 years old.  No cutting is planned for this stand.