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As an owner of forest land you have a stewardship responsibility for making your part of the local ecosystem healthy and productive, and because your land represents a significant investment, you also have a fiduciary responsibility to yourself and your family.  In order to be an effecive steward and fiduciary, you need good information about the relationship of your property to the local ecosystem, about the wildlife that use or could use your property, about the recreational potentials of the property, as well as the volumes and values of timber and growing stock on the property.


Consulting foresters can provide you with all this information, plus advice on how to integrate and understand it.  What are the tree and plant communities on your land?  What are the wildlife habitat features and the species that use them?  How much is your timber worth, and what is the rate of value growth on the and growing stock?  Foresters can help you clarify your goals of ownership and figure out how to reach them.


Consulting foresters are trained and experienced in the practical application of silvicultural techniques to maximize the quality and rate of growth of your residual stands, and to achieve other ownership objectives such as wildlife habitat enhancement and aesthetic improvements.   We are educated in biological sciences and economics, plus applied disciplines including mensuration, silvics and dendrology.  We know about the legal environment for silvicultural operations.


When it comes time to sell timber, the services of a consulting foresters will assure that you get the best price for it through the process of competitive bidding, and that the job is done to your satisfaction, including leaving the stands in good condition for future growth and other uses. 

A carefully written contract protects you and your property from all the problems that can arise in a timber sale, including disagreements about volumes and values, the condition of residual stands and forest soils,  and the condition of skid roads and truck roads.  A good contract also protects you from any legal liability for any injuries or property damage sustained during the sale.  Since you are not likely to sell timber more that a few times in your lifetime, the experience and contacts of a consulting forester can save you much time and aggravation.

Other Services

Consulting foresters can help you locate boundaries and where there are questions about their location, will refer you to a qualified surveyor who will do the necessary research and field measurements.  We can help you determine the legal status of access roads and rights of way, or can refer you to surveyors who will do this work.  We do boundary blazing and painting to protect your property from timber trespass.

Davies & Company  offers a full range of services to landowners, including special services in the areas of forest investment analysis, tree crops plantings, wildlife habitat evaluation and enhancement, edible forest gardens, woodscaping, and conservation restrictions.  We're interested in expanding and extending your options and making management of your land as enjoyable and profitable as possible.

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