Purpose of NEFR-List

The purpose of The Northeastern Forestry Reformation List Server is to provide a discussion forum for all stakeholders in forestry in the Northeast (New England, surrounding states and Canadian provinces). We actively seek to include private foresters, public foresters, landowners, loggers, sawmill owners, environmentalists, politicians, students and others--to discuss the many and complex issues of the Northeastern Forest.  Topics of discussion and debate include, but are not limited to:

Which forest lands should be preserved?

Which forest lands should be managed, and under what levels of management intensity?

What is the health status of our forests and how is forest health threatened?

What is the status of endangered species and how is their status threatened?

How can the biodiversity of our forests be maintained and enhanced?

What is the optimal role of government--it's laws and regulations, its forestry agencies, and their       roles in the management of state and private forest land?

What are the impacts of high-grade logging and how might they be mitigated by the practice of silviculture?

What are the optimal roles of licensed foresters and loggers?

How does the stewardship ethic apply to managed and unmanaged forest lands?

What is the fiduciary responsibility of forestry professionals to their clients and employers?

We encourage people of all persuasions to offer their opinions.  While our opinions and personalities may clash, we shouldn't let such discord prevent us from contributing to the discussion.  Such discord is part of a mature, open-minded debate.


Go to  http://www.igc.topica.com/lists/nefr-list and click on the "subscribe" button.  Follow the directions, and then reply to the confirmation message, and you're in!   If you have any problems with this procedure, send an email to .  See you online!